EVM (Earned Value Management)

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EVMS certification

If the contract value is under the validation threshold, more often we are seeing requirements for 3rd party EVMS certifications for contractors to show compliance against the EIA-748 Guidelines. ClearPlan's EVMS Certification is a comprehensive approach to meeting this requirement.

ClearPlan EVMS SME's will help:

  • Implement an integrated EVMS tool suite
  • ClearPlan offers Cloud Solutions complete with integrated EVM toolsets! A great option for getting stood up quickly, or reducing IT investment.
  • Create or augment EVM Process Documentation
  • Provide Program Baseline and Execution Support
  • Provide training (both formal and OJT) for cost, schedule, and EVM functional support staff
  • CAM Training and Certification
  • Comprehensive System Compliance Review culminating with an EVMS
  • Certification Letter from ClearPlan

Proposal support

The RFP has an EVMS requirement, but you don’t have a validated EVMS system. What do you do? Call ClearPlan.

ClearPlan has helped several clients develop and submit an EVMS plan with their proposal.

Validation review support services include:

  • Describing the EIA-748 compliant EVMS the client will use during program execution
  • Providing an EVMS scorecard highlighting the system upgrades and modifications proposed in order to meet the EIA-748 32 guidelines
  • Providing a high-level milestone plan indicating when the system will achieve EVMS compliance
  • Describes the application to subcontractors
  • Developing a schedule that provides a timetable of events leading up to Government validation of the EVMS.

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