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If you want to develop a strong organization, learning from the best is a great place to start.

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ClearPlan leverages decades of industry experience to equip students with the skills necessary to implement and execute a top-tier Integrated Program Management framework.

All training courses can be delivered as-built, or can be fully customized to suit our clients' specific training goals.

  • Instructor-Led
  • Industry Best Practices
  • On and Off-Site Hosting Options Available - ClearPlan Quadcopter - Our Proprietary Mock ACAT 1 Data Set

General EVM 2

Virtual / On-site


Datasets, metrics, definitions and acronyms of basic EV. How to answer the boss’ elevator question about your project. Hands on exercises.

Virtual / On-site

CAM Certification

Earned Value from the CAM perspective. How CAMs can maximize value added without spending forever doing EV. Exams given/graded. Hands on exercises.

EVM Tools 3

Virtual / On-site

Cobra Basic

Basic layouts, windows and functions for setting up a new program or picking up an existing one. Perfect for the new cost analyst or a cross-training scheduler.

Virtual / On-site

Cobra Advanced

Administer master projects, rate files, budget classes SQL tools. Manage/reclass forecasts, create meaningful “What-ifs” for cutting edge cost management.

Virtual / On-site

Empower Essentials

Mining your project data and reporting it to the team. Develop and share insight on data quality indicators of all types.

Scheduling Tools 7

Virtual / On-site

MS Project Essentials

All basic aspects of tasking, resources, custom fields, data validation and status updates, done hands on. Learn it today, do it on the job tomorrow.

Virtual / On-site

MS Project Intermediate

Outline Codes, schedule organization, use of project with excel and PowerPoint to build reports your team can use to coordinate schedule action.

Virtual / On-site

MS Project Advanced

Time-based metrics and PMB analysis to give insight SV/SPI can’t deliver. BCR and rolling wave done right. Discussions for scheduling professionals.

Virtual / On-site

MS Project Resource Loading

All aspects of resource involvement. Assignment, forecast, validation, ETC. Over-allocation. Time-phase comparison of budget vs. forecast. What matters as the project progresses.

Virtual / On-site

P6 Essentials

All basic aspects of tasking, code fields, resources, metadata, grouping and filters. Baselining and progress. Highlights P6 operational differences with MS Project.

Virtual / On-site

Milestones Professional

Summary schedules that link to your IMS. Technical and artistic considerations for making the most informative one-page schedule.

Virtual / On-site

Open Plan Essentials

All basic aspects of tasking, code fields, resources, metadata, grouping and filters. Baselining and progress. Highlights OpenPlan operational differences with MS Project.

Analysis Tools 3

Virtual / On-site


Why SRA is so much more than pushing the Monte Carlo button. Understand SRA inputs/outputs and the black box of Monte Carlo analysis.

Virtual / On-site

Advanced Excel for PP&C

Advanced Excel functions and features including Text/Date, Lookups, Tables/Pivot Tables, Power Query/Data Transformation and more. Students will use a combination of functions and features to solve modern cost/schedule data problems.

Virtual / On-site

Advanced Schedule Metrics

Earned Schedule and how to use time-based schedule performance to inform the team and validate the schedule forecast.

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