Program Control

Every plan has a price, but staying on target is more than just a numbers game.

Program control illustration


We provide the essential capabilities to analyze and interpret data in order to Predict and Constructively Influence Management Decision Making to Prevent Negative Impacts to the time and cost outcomes of a project or program. From ensuring an Executable Plan is in place for a succussful Integrated Baseline Review (IBR), to Recovering from Deviations and Documenting Change, we provide Solutions for Executing to Plan!

The Performance Measurement Baseline (PMB) provides a benchmark by which stakeholders can assess the project’s performance to plan, though keeping it in control requires the use of predictive indicators to drive out threats, and capitalize opportunities.

Change is inevitable in any project or program, which emphasizes the need for advanced forecasting methods, what-if analysis, proper communication and documentation to maintain budget and profit targets. Whether it is an over-targeted schedule or baseline, internal or external change requests, we can make what can be a chaotic processs systematically sane by pairing the right expertise with an efficient, integrated tool set.

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